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Why Fidelitas




Most executive adopt a single perspective in business e.g. Aggressive or Conservative. In Fidelitas Consult, we advocate bifocal paradigms in the daily practice of business:


In business development, innovation, sales & marketing, backward or forward integration, vertical or horizontal advancement in business (in sync to its resources and capabilities).


In the use of debts, use of internal or external funds, discipline in return of investment (new projects), focus in core competence and provide return to shareholders (in sync to its cost of capital).


These valuable insights and best practices  are available at our client’s discretion.

  • Know-how in managing business in large scale industrial operations (real sector) and its value chains management (including global financial services).
  • Insights in managing hence increasing value of multiple large-size subsidiaries in a conglomerate environment (>US$20 Billion market cap)
  • Adept at start-up, spin-offs, acquisitions, and joint venture with foreign and local counterparts.
  • Understanding in implementation of ERP for a large industrial operations

  • Acumen in handling large scale anti-monopoly situation, industrial price cutting, oligopoly and business turn-around situations.
  • Comfortable in handling institutional investors, complex terms & conditions of major financial or capital market, and M&A transactions.
  • Competence in negotiating international project finance and cross border trade finance.

  • Familiar with (NYSE) shares listing mechanism & how to make the most of it.
  • Proficient at managing institutional investors & relevant financial authority’s expectation with regards to investments & listings (Sarbanes Oxley)
  • Application of good corporate governance, investment disciplines, return on capital and strategic management and its best practice at its best.


As hybrid instrument to company, shareholder, and creditors:

As internal senior executives,

as CFO to improve performance, exert influence in governance, financial disciplines, ERP & management best practice.

Minimizing agency problem

(by the sponsor or management) which normally run opposite interest to the shareholders, investor or creditor

As an eye and ear for shareholders or investor

to assure that investment agenda is met in business direction, return and timing of exit – IPO.


We set up parameters, work out timetable, identify subjects to cover and will finish according to time line and scope of work.


Offer first 100 days or 120 or 180 days work programs; this is critical as a new investor wants to have business certainty after the initial investment.


We commit our services until scope of work is done (high certainty) within the agreed parameters and timetable.


We do not have agency problem which is prevalent amongst senior executives making subtle, yet important decisions for their own benefits.

Our CFO has very little or no office dynamics to fight while a CFO as internal senior executive has to fight his way to survive in a new environment.

  • Sometimes his ideas work; sometimes are not well received. It takes time to build consensus and friends to make things work.
  • A new and capable CFO at many times poses a threat to the incumbent directors thus his good works might pose a problems to others.

All of the salient company information is kept in confidence. We will only work with one industry and one company at a time.

  • Our company is here to stay for good; thus breaching the trust and confidentiality of our clients are not in our best interest.


David Bingei

Rinaldi Firmansyah