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Fidelitas Consult Services


01. Performance Improvement Services (Contract A CFO)
  • Strategic reporting, business and financial roadmaps
  • Business modelling and Strategic Management
  • Corporate action plans and agenda (three to five year plan)
  • Acquisition growth plans and regional expansion plans (if any)



  • CFO guidance and trainings for internal candidates by Fidelitas Consult Ltd.
  • Resources and capabilities assessment and building
  • Strategic financial management
02. Corporate and Group Restructuring (CGR)
  • Preparation and plans to go public
  • Project management and compliance to timetable
  • Inviting private equity or strategic investor (Prior to IPO)
  • Hand-holding toward a successful IPO
  • Roadshow to global institutional investors
  • Governance and transparency
03. Initial Public Offering preparatory works (IPO)
  • Shareholder restructuring at local and offshore level; Family office management
  • Group companies / subsidiaries restructuring according to value creation; horizontal or vertical integration growth
  • Capital Structure restructuring and planning at various holding levels (personal taxation included)
  • Debt reduction and dividends plans
04.¬†Shareholder’s Representation (SHR)
  • We become the eyes and ears for Investor / shareholder
  • Good corporate governance and best practice
  • Management transparency and proper reporting of business activities
  • Escrow management